Dear customers, attention please :

Our cakes are fresh, we are a small team and we care about every customer, in that matter, here are our terms and conditions that you’ll need to follow in order for everyone to enjoy this experience as much as we do.

24hrs before delivery

Once the payment is confirmed, the order item and date will be reserved.  If you need to make any changes, you must notify us 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.  Otherwise, the order will be deemed to be cancelled without any refund. A 4% processing system fee will be retained except for exceptional cases (government restrictions, typhoons n°8, etc.).

Punctuality at delivery

Please be punctual to pick up your fresh cake at the chosen delivery time.  If you are late for more than 15 minutes, we will arrange another delivery option on the same day at a new delivery fee. We are a small bakery and we do our best to find the the most convenient solution.

No show, no refund.

No refund for any forms of no show or late pick-up for more than 15 minutes.

Typhoon 8 & Black rain

When typhoon signal No. 8 or above or Red/Black rainstorm warning signal is in effect, we will make alternate arrangement with customers and no refund will be given.

Custom message on cake

For orders with custom message on cake, a 50% handling fee will be charged in case of refund.

Payment = terms agreement

By making payment for the order, it means that you understand and agree with the above terms.

Handling our cake box

We have chosen to have a plastic-free box for environmental purpose, meaning also that the box could be without handle. Please be considerate and bring your own (ice) bag if you haven’t selected it in the option, we will not provide plastic bags as well.

Just tell us

A positive comment? A suggestion? A complain? A like? Feel free to let us know directly or through our social media channels

What we value

Because making cakes is our passion, we follow strict rules to ensure a safe environment and experience in order to pass on our passion to you in the best conditions.


In our cake studio, we constantly wear masks to ensure a perfect hygiene.


We wash our hands frequently and wear gloves.

Clean kitchen

Our working environment including our tools and machines are cleaned up regularly.

Hair restraint

We wear “charlottes” in order for you not to have an unpleasant hair experience.


We care about it and we do our best to reduce our impact. Starting by our plastic-free cake box. Try to reuse it to kickstart your weekend barbecue?

A-grade ingredients

Our cakes are fresh but also very tasty. Why? Because we use the best qualitative ingredients.